3 Numbers Other Than Your Blood Sugar You Should Know If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem that affects your whole body and all problems are not just narrowed down onto one factor of overall health. Blood sugar readings are only one of the numbers that you need to keep track of – you also need your doctor to check your cholesterol, and your blood pressure levels. This way you’ll have all the information to successfully manage your diabetes and focus on the more enjoyable parts of life!  

1. A1C – A1C measures measures your average blood sugar for the past 2 to 3 months. Check with your doctor for more information on how often you should get this checked.  

2. Cholesterol – Cholesterol levels makes heart disease more likely. This means that keeping up with your cholesterol levels and speaking to your doctor about medications and actions to take.

3. Blood pressure – High blood pressure (hypertension) can lead to complications if you have diabetes. Complications can include:

  1. heart disease
  2. strokes
  3. heart failure
  4. peripheral vascular disease, a hardening of the arteries in the legs and feet



Most people with diabetes are predisposed to high blood pressure so ensuring that you get enough exercise, eat healthy, and visit your doctor regularly to stay on top of your high blood pressure and manage your diabetes correctly.

Diabetes is best treated by a supportive team of experts and loved ones. This can include doctors, workout buddies, spouses, nutritionists, dentists, and the wonderful team here at Mitokon Health Center.

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